Film Making Barcelona

My job was to add animation to the promo video of FILM-MAKING Barcelona. The computer I had to work with is really not good for previews in After Effects so I had to work with a process that goes from the really big and general effects to the most small and specific ones.



I exported all the assets to illustrator files to be able to add them more easily to After Effects and change them if I needed to. Then I distributed the compositions of each scene in a main one to see and read all the information and give each scene the time it required to be readable.



I animated the transitions between scenes and give the motion a general movement; if it went up, then everything had to go up in the scene but then the next scene had to go left, right or down, basically not repeating the last movement, to give the feel that everything was coming from the last place it was.


And at last

I tried to think of the best way of animating the information and assets to give each scene an animation that went accordingly with what it was (like shaking hands, moving up and down). If it didn’t really had anything just give a movement that that looked interesting or came out of an expected place.

I enjoyed working on this. I had a lot of time without touching after effects because I was working on my webpage and this was a refreshing creative project that remembered me how much I like motion graphics.