User Interface Project

I was kinda wasting my time after school in my second semester of university. I wanted a job, not only to use my time wisely but to have some money and use my new acquired knowledge. I went to “Grupo Red” a local place where they develop special software for their clients. They gave me a web page and told me to design it’s mobile version and this is the result. All the icons where made by me. Only the logo and the images where taken from the original web page.


Some background (life story): I actually wanted to work at Pulsar Media. They make commercials and web pages and I wanted a place in motion graphics. So I sent them a message and didn’t respond. Wasn’t a surprise, I only tried it to see what happened and nothing did. So I went to the job interview at Grupo Red, did the project, sent it and after a week of no response Pulsar Media told me to go to the interview. I showed them what I did for Grupo Red and some other designs. I got the job at Pulsar Media as a designer and Grupo Red told me that I was accepted the next day, I stayed at Pulsar.