ICE day at Cetys

On my second semester at university a friend came to me and asked me to make the designs of this year’s Engineering in electronic cybernetics day (ICE by its Spanish acronym). They liked to use the “ice” meaning of the acronym in the design and besides circuits they didn’t had much graphic elements to work with.

The previous years designs were, to be honest, I just didn’t like them at all. They had a lot of elements on them and the circuits were overused so I tried the best I could to use them as little as possible, but also meaningful every time I used them.

The school mascot is a fox, so i searched for a fox running in google images and when I got the exact photo I wanted I vectorized it. At first it didn’t had any circuits on it, it was more of a robotic-material, the circuits came later when I couldn’t find the thing that was missing to look perfect, it was the circuits. And to make use of the “ice” meaning I added a cold breath to him. Is not ice but still resembles the cold of it. The breath has also has 1’s and 0’s to make the connection of digital. Circuits body and digital breath on the school’s mascot was the best way of representing the career. It was used on the event’s badge and small billboard at the event.