Gustavo Vildósola

So, this is kind of a funny story. Gustavo Vildósola is an off-road runner at Baja that had Pulsar Media as his design studio (and some marketing too). And, beacause of this, he was a really important client. The porfile picture was made on June 2016. I did two proposals; one that was really simple, that was the logo over some flying dirt and a complex one that had a lot of gradients, textures and glows. They chose the second one with a few changes. For the curriculum, that was done on september after the Baja 500, we had little time, like two hours, to make it, and I was the only designer available at Pulsar Media. Alberto Zamaniego, the coworker in charge of this client, was with me the whole time and told me if he liked what I was doing or not to fix it. He helped me with some collages for the curriculum too. I can’t remember now the exact conditions but I was doing it as fast as I could at the moment because, besides the two hour time we had all the studio was eating, without us, at la comida china.

I had to make it look profesional because it was meant to be sent to some possible sponsors. I had to make Gustavo as famous and talented as he was, in less than two hours.

So lets start with the cover page. Choosing the image was easy, I think Alberto told the me the one he wanted. It was a portrait in the winning celebration of Baja 500, perfect to remind everyone that he won. The problem was where to put his name. His hand were pointing up, that was a start. I thought that putting his name right where his finger ended was perfect but centered looked dull. I decided to tilt it a little and in the corner to make it more dynamic.

Then the team story. It was a lot of text, but I remembered that on magazines sometimes they put the most important quotes and parts of the text bigger and with another format. I thought that would be a good idea to drag the attention to the important parts because I was pretty sure they wouldn’t read all that.

I did the same thing with the next pages. I not only wanted to drag the attention to the important points but also create a good graphic representation of the way they grew as a team. The gray were the not-so important winnings, like 3rd and 4th places, and the red the first places and second places of really important races. The final result showed that their last 6 years were their best years.

Alberto was kinda frustrated and pleased at the time I was finishing it. I was taking care of a few minor details and he wanted me to finish it now. He liked how it was going so he let me change a few things.

After a few months Alberto told me that he didn’t really liked the profile picture because of the glows I put on them, but that he chose it because it reminded of a trophy and was a way of saying they were going to win the upcoming Baja 500 (which actually happened). I’m still really proud with the resoult, even though I’d change some things today, but that always happens with time.