Chicali Rock Fest

For Chicali Rock Fest I had to do a lot of designs under the same format. Almost everyday I was told to do one or more and they had to be ready to print as soon as possible. The final design was supervised by the event organizer.

On my exactly first day working at Pulsar Media he came to see the design proposals and he didn’t like them. All the other designers were doing something else so he came to me, gave me the proposals and told me what he liked and disliked about them. He was watching everything I was doing, which is kinda intimidating and frustrating, but it was because he needed the design right in that moment. If he didn’t like something he would tell me, so I had to do it again. To be honest coming to a design that he liked was easy because the proposals had many things that he liked, but they just didn’t convinced him.

I remember the photos I HAD to use of Alex Lora (from El Tri) where on a black background, I couldn’t use them on the design because the hair couldn’t be seen. So what I did was cropping his hair from other pictures and recreate it on the image I had to use. Felt really smart doing it honestly.

Once the design was ready I had to do it again in so many shapes and proportions. Because there was so little time before the concert every time they got a space for an spectacular I had to give them the print-ready .jpeg file.

It was my first time with requirements that made the design so hard to do “good looking”. All the logos had to be logos and had to be visible, sometimes some logos had to go bigger and sometimes I had to do it again because some logos couldn’t be in that design.

I also had to do a lot of designs for the concert. I couldn’t retrieve all of them (and to be honest not all of them could fit in the blog). These are just examples of what I did for Chicali Rock Fest.