Cheerleader tShirts

This is the design for Cetys Cheerleaders when they won the first place at Couptour 2015. A high school classmate told me if I would be interested in doing it and told me the brief. She wanted something complex that shared the feeling of victory. All the reference images she gave me where beyond what I thought I could do but I accepted anyways because I wanted to challenge myself.


It was my summer vacation before my las semester of highschool and spent a whole day doing it. Vectorizing the cheerleader was a tough decision. I knew it would take a lot of time but I also knew it would improve the result in a great way. Felt really proud at the end. Not only it helped me reassure my choice of career but helped me understand that a lot of a really good design, and project in general, is not about the skills but the time, a lot of time, spent working on it.