Trascendencias Tests

I don’t really identify myself as a competitive person, but when a project comes with a great opportunity of doing something amazing I really try to put my best on it. These are not my best, I have to say, I am currently working on it.

These videos are tests just to know if I could do the idea I had in mind (that involves, in case is not obvious, 3D wireframes).


This is the first test. It involved After Effects and a plugin called Element 3D. The problem was that, even though I liked the depth of field, I couldn’t animate the wireframe (that was very very important) so I decided to jump into Blender to see what I could do and the second test came:


This is not the render from Blender, I actually made some color correction and added glow on After Effects because the render looked very dull. The depth of field is gone but the animation really makes the whole video come to life.


Later I discovered the depth of field and learned how to do composition in blender and I really didn’t test it because, well, I wanted to do the real thing already. I am currently working on it and hope in a week or so is already uploaded.